Transaction in own shares

30 October, 2014

Sagentia Group plc (AIM:SAG) announces that on 29 October 2014, it purchased 35,000 of its 1 pence ordinary shares at an average price of 122 pence per share. The highest price paid per share was 122 pence and the lowest price paid per share was 122 pence. Sagentia purchased these shares through Numis Securities Limited.

The number of shares purchased represented 0.09% of the voting rights attributable to the total ordinary shares in issue prior to such purchase. The purchased shares will be held in treasury.

Sagentia has purchased to date 16.49% of its own shares.

The total number of ordinary shares in issue (excluding treasury shares) following this announcement is 37,366,615. Sagentia holds 4,695,420 shares in treasury.

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