British Science Week

12 March, 2020

To celebrate British Science Week, we asked colleagues at Science Group: What does science mean to you? How do you believe that science improves the world? How does science changes our lives? What do you love about scientific discovery?

Mark Butcher, Leatherhead Food Research

"Science is the mechanism through which the whole world can collaborate to define and address challenges. It’s the only common language spoken across the world and has become key to our survival."

Brett Baatz, Oakland Innovation

"Science is curiosity. It is a way of looking at the world and seeking meaning from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy and the relationship between them."

Helena Eixarch, TSG

"Scientific discovery can happen unexpectedly and yield unexpected results. It is surprising and amazing, making you realise that learning is a continuous process."

Chris Humby, Sagentia

"Science underpins my working career, where we use applied science to help clients to understand and innovate. More importantly Science is what makes my kids excited about the world that they live in and the future they can build."

Penny Chatham, Leatherhead Food Research

"What I love about scientific discovery is the joy of realising how something works and repeating a test with the same success, or finding something completely unexpected along the way."

Daryl Thomas, TSG

"Science is derived from the word scientia meaning "knowledge". To me science is the evolution of knowledge through systematic observations of how stuff works in the world and broader universe."

Henry StAubyn, OTM

“To me, science is a deepening of humanity’s understanding of nature through a process of exploration and discovery. Seeing the same light of understanding in someone else’s eyes as you share knowledge, and an appreciation of the benefits it will bring for others, is immensely rewarding.”

Steven Deane, Sagentia

"Science improves the world by providing new, useful solutions to real world problems. From helping make tasty, nutritious food to saving lives with surgery, and everything in between."

Anthony Hayward, Sagentia

"Scientific discovery is where knowledge meets utility. By learning more about objective reality in a robust way, we understand the world we live in and we can make better decisions."

Samuel Poidevin, TSG

"Everything in our lives is connected to science. It enables us to create new products, cure diseases, send people to the moon and understand the environment we live in."

Hessam Moussavinik, Sagentia

"Science is like a toolbox that aids me to discover, to understand, to innovate, and to create. The key to the toolbox is curiosity."

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