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Science Group provides independent advisory and advanced product development services focused on science and technology initiatives. Science Group goes to market under five specialist brands: Sagentia, Oakland Innovation, OTM Consulting, Leatherhead Food Research and TSG Consulting. Across the businesses we collaborate closely with our clients in key vertical markets to deliver clear returns on technology and R&D investments. The Group has around 400 employees across 15 European and North American offices.

AIM rule 26

The information on this website is disclosed in accordance with AIM rule 26.

Key investor information

Country and incorporation

Science Group plc is incorporated in the United Kingdom, with registered number 06536543. The main countries of operation are the UK and USA.

Other exchanges or trading platforms

The company is not listed on any other exchanges or trading platforms.

Restrictions on the transfer of securities

There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities.

UK city code on takeovers and mergers

Science Group plc is subject to UK City code on takeovers and mergers.

Securities in issue

The following information is correct as of 8 January 2018.

The company's issued share capital comprises 42,062,035 ordinary shares, each with a nominal value of £0.01. Each share has equal voting rights. There are 39,367,128 ordinary shares in issue excluding treasury shares. The company holds 2,694,907 shares in treasury.

So far as the company is aware, 69.40% of the issued share capital is not held in public hands. This includes the treasury shares held by the company.

The company has been notified of the following significant shareholders. Significant shareholders are those holding 3% or more of the shares in issue excluding treasury shares.

NameNumber of shares%ISC excluding treasury shares
Martyn Ratcliffe13,412,906 34.1%
Canaccord Genuity Group Inc6,698,30117.0%
Ruffer LLP5,158,63613.1%
Miton Asset Management Limited1,915,0004.9%
Charles Stanley and Co1,422,8893.6%


The Board reviews potential share buybacks on a regular basis. The Company does not normally announce when it will be, or will not be, undertaking buybacks. In addition, Investors should be aware that, from time to time, the Company will be in a close period as required by the AIM Rules and other regulatory bodies, during which periods buybacks are not permitted. Close periods are not announced by the Company but will include a period (minimum 30 days) prior to Interim and Preliminary Results announcements.

Corporate calendar

Announcement of preliminary full year results28 February 2018
AGMApril 2018
Announcement of half year resultsJuly 2018

Board of directors

Martyn Ratcliffe


Martyn Ratcliffe was appointed Chairman on 15 April 2010 following his investment in Sagentia Group, now Science Group. He was Chairman of Microgen plc from 1998 to 2016 and Chairman of RM plc from 2011 to 2013. He was previously Senior Vice President of Dell Computer Corporation, responsible for EMEA. He has a degree in Physics from the University of Bath and an MBA from City University, London.

Rebecca Archer

Finance Director

Rebecca Archer (née Hemsted) was appointed to the Board on 27 January 2014. Mrs Archer is a Chartered Accountant and has a degree in Physics from the University of Oxford. She qualified at Deloitte where she spent six years including three years in New Zealand, and joined Sagentia from RM plc where she was Business Finance Partner for the Managed Services Business.

David Courtley

 Senior Independent Director

David Courtley was appointed a Non-Executive Director on 15 April 2010. He is also Chief Executive of Mozaic Services and Non-Executive Director of Parity plc. He was previously Chief Executive of Phoenix IT Group plc, Chief Executive of Fujitsu Services Europe and MD of EDS UK. He has a degree in Mathematics from Imperial College, London.

Michael Lacey-Solymar

Non-executive Director

Michael was appointed a Non-executive Director on 11 October 2012. Michael has over 25 years corporate finance experience, having spent 18 years at UBS and 7 years at Investec. He is currently a partner at Opus Corporate Finance LLP. He has a degree in Modern Languages from the University of Oxford.

Company advisers

Nominated adviser

Numis Securities Limited

The London Stock Exchange Building

10 Paternoster Square

London EC4M 7LT


Equiniti Limited

Aspect House

Spencer Road, Lancing

West Sussex

BN99 6DA



Botanic House

100 Hills Road



Corporate governance

We are committed to the principles of corporate governance contained in the UK Corporate Governance Code and for which the Board is accountable to shareholders. This section explains how the Directors will seek to apply the requirements of the Combined Code to procedures across the extended Science Group (‘Science Group’).

Statement of compliance with the Code of Best Practice

Science Group complies with the provisions of the Code except, so as to reflect the size and resources of Science Group, for the following matters:

  • Not all of the directors on the Nomination Committee are independent
  • The Chairman of the Board is not considered to be independent as he is a substantial shareholder  of the company. The Chairman is assisted in the managing of the business on a day-to-day basis by the executive team of Science Group, including its finance director.
  • High-level strategic decisions are discussed and taken by the full Board, with recommendations as appropriate from the Chairman. Operational decisions are taken by the Chairman and the operational management team within the framework approved in the annual budgets.

    It is the responsibility of the Chairman and the Company Secretary to ensure that Board members receive sufficient and timely information regarding corporate and business issues to enable them to discharge their duties. Science Group’s strategy is communicated to all employees in regular briefings.

    Risk management is crucial to the success of Science Group, and the Board and Audit Committee consider the risks associated with Science Group’s technology and intellectual property pipeline, technical resources, as well as regulatory and other operational risks. Risks are reviewed by the Board as part of the strategy review.

    Constitutional documents

    AIM Admission Prospectus

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    Articles of Association

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    Placing Announcement

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