Digital Architecture: Critical success factors for Medical IoT and Direct-to-Cloud devices

28 January, 2020

Sophisticated cloud-based architectures unlock new possibilities for innovative digital platforms that improve patient outcomes efficiently and cost effectively. With the right blend of expertise and insight, off the shelf platforms can be integrated to deliver healthcare solutions that meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Our Architecting Digital Health Platforms series explores core segments of this dynamic environment. We unravel the complexity and identify issues device manufacturers may need to overcome to gain competitive edge. Here, we look at ways to leverage connectivity and direct-to-cloud capabilities and earn a slice of the burgeoning digital healthcare market.

Digital devices have become commonplace in consumer health applications, as evidenced by the assimilation of fitness and wellness trackers. The possibilities to extend this to medical-grade devices are vast and manufacturers have a golden opportunity to innovate and gain market share. However, new products and solutions need to overcome different challenges to achieve traction in the medical-grade world.

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