Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders: The Power of Engineering Internships

For forward-thinking businesses and ambitious students, internships have become an invaluable tool, providing the engineers of tomorrow with unique opportunities to bridge the gap between academic learning and practical experience. Time spent within a business gives interns valuable insight into the world of work, allowing them to develop their interpersonal and soft skills, establish a professional network, and gain demonstrable evidence to add to their CV.

At tpgroup, we recognise the value that internships can bring to organisations within the Science and Technology sector; fostering fresh insights and innovative approaches to the way our business operates and some of the challenges we face. Equally important is the development of a two-way relationship with academic organisations, encouraging the development of the skills required by industry employers and entering into a conversation with universities and their students that can help shape curriculums and ensure a pipeline of qualified and talented graduates.

At tpgroup, we recently had the privilege of hosting Rob White for a one-year placement: a promising engineering student from the University of Bath pursuing an Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering MEng (Hons) degree. His story serves as the perfect example of how a successful internship can be a valuable and positive experience for both parties.

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