International Women's Day - Celebrating our female colleagues at Science Group

Here at Science Group we’re proud to celebrate our female colleagues working across the Group’s companies, delivering innovation and success in roles as diverse as applied science, regulatory advice, advisory, consultancy, mechanical engineering and more. 

We asked some of our team what inspired them to go into the roles they are in now, how they started in their careers and why they love working for Science Group. Read what they had to say.

Cindy Beeren - Operations Director
Leatherhead Food Research

I have always had an interest in food, from shopping to baking and cooking and understanding food structures. I studied Food & Business at University, and joined Leatherhead 12 years ago as a Senior Scientist and am now heading up operations for Leatherhead and sister company TSG.

I love working with people and my current job allows me to work with and support many of our colleagues across the group.

Debbie McIntosh - Principal Consultant
OTM Consulting

I am a mechanical engineer and started out in the RAF as an engineering officer. I moved from that into OTM Consulting, working primarily in the oil & gas industry. I like it at Science Group because you can forge your own path based on your skills and interests and define new roles. It’s refreshing to be part of a large group of senior female leaders at Science Group.

Eileen Buttimer - Managing Director
Oakland Innovation

I got a PhD in Biochemistry and started life in Pharma running an analytical chemistry lab before moving to managing a food applications group in R&D. This love for science grew from my aunties sending me books about science.

I love the diversity within my role at Science Group. I try to encourage other females to just go for it and encourage them to succeed.

Erica Sheward - VP, Business Development
Leatherhead Food Research

I love cooking and eating and I could not think of anything better than working with food. It was a lightbulb moment when my teacher at school told me that cooking was a science! Having worked in academia and the UK Government, I now head up the Business Development team at Leatherhead Food Research. I find my job equally challenging and rewarding and really enjoy working with brilliant scientists.

Erin Tesch - Managing Director, US
TSG Consulting

I started my career as an environmental paralegal before moving to TSG as a Regulatory Consultant. Over the course of my career, it has been exciting to see drastic change in the landscape associated with women in leadership in the environmental field and professional services. At Science Group, it is empowering to witness qualified and smart women given the opportunity to take on senior positions and serve as role models.

Farideh Goudarzi - Sector Manager

My chemistry teacher at school had me believe that chemistry is the mother of all natural sciences so I went on to study it at University – and am still learning now!

At Science Group I like the diversity and possibilities for curious people: trying different things such as technical challenges. They value commitment, hard work and talent.

Kelly Rahn - Vice President, State Affairs & Head of TSG California

I have always been attracted to the orderliness of the scientific disciplines. My first job was as a technical services chemist functioning as the bridge between the scientists and the salesperson.

Science Group is the first opportunity I’ve been given to contribute to a company in a capacity other than regulatory. I learn about the ‘business’ behind the business every single day.

Mariko Kubo - Head of Regulatory
Leatherhead Food Research

I joined Leatherhead 10 years ago straight out of Oxford Brookes University where I studied a BSc in Public Health Nutrition. I am now Head of Food and Beverage Regulatory, a job I was given whilst pregnant with my second child, so I feel very lucky to work for such a great company. I have been here for 10 years but I still feel that there is so much to learn and so many people I can learn from.

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