Science Group plc (the ‘Company’) together with its subsidiaries (‘Science Group’ or the ‘Group’) reports its audited results for the year ended 31 December 2022.


Science Group reports another resilient performance, ahead of the Board’s expectations, despite the deterioration in the global economy. The acquisition of TP Group plc (“TPG”), completed in January 2023, significantly increases the scale of Science Group and provides a strategic entry into the defence sector. The Group’s robust balance sheet, including substantial cash resources, provides both a solid foundation for the existing operations and the potential to pursue further growth opportunities should they arise.

  • Group revenue increased to £86.3 million (2021: £81.2 million)
  • Adjusted* operating profit increased to £17.6 million (2021: £16.3 million)
  • Adjusted* basic earnings per share increased to 29.4 pence (2021: 28.5 pence)
  • Dividend maintained at 5.0p (2021: 5.0p)
  • Year-end cash of £43.6 million and net funds of £29.5 million (2021: £34.3 million and £19.0 million, respectively) with undrawn credit facility of £25.0 million
  • Acquisition of TP Group plc completed post year-end, funded from organic operating cash flow


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* Alternative performance measures are provided in order to enhance the shareholders’ ability to evaluate and analyse the underlying financial performance of the Group. Refer to Note 1 for detail and explanation of the measures used.


Statement of Executive Chair

Science Group is an international science, engineering and technology (‘SET’) business. The Group provides SET services to the medical, defence, industrial, and consumer sectors, supplemented by a products division where the Group holds leading market positions in related technology sectors. The Group also has significant freehold property assets which host the business operations.

In 2022, Science Group again demonstrated its resilience and delivered another solid performance, despite the deterioration in the global economy. While all businesses performed creditably, those servicing the consumer sector were most impacted by the economic slowdown. The acquisition of TP Group plc (“TPG”), completed in January 2023 and funded through Science Group’s organic operating cash flow, significantly increases the scale of the Group and provides a strategic entry into the defence sector.

Financial Summary

For the year ended 31 December 2022, Science Group reported revenue of £86.3 million (2021: £81.2 million). Group adjusted operating profit was £17.6 million (2021: £16.3 million). Adjusted basic earnings per share was 29.4 pence (2021: 28.5 pence).

Amortisation of acquisition related intangibles, acquisition advisor fees and integration costs, together with the share-based payment charge totalled £6.5 million (2021: £3.6 million) and the Group’s share of the estimated profit in TPG was £0.6 million (2021: £1.1 million loss). As a result, the Group reported operating profit of £11.7 million for the year (2021: £11.6 million) and, after net finance costs of £0.6 million (2021: £0.7 million), profit before tax of £11.1 million (2021: £10.9 million), with basic earnings per share of 23.2 pence (2021: 22.4 pence).

The past year saw substantial volatility in Sterling exchange rates, particularly during the period of UK political instability in the late summer. With a significant proportion of income generated in US Dollars, the Group benefitted from such dynamics offsetting the significant increase in energy prices and other cost inflation.

Science Group continues to deliver strong cash conversion and retains a robust balance sheet. At 31 December 2022, Group cash was £43.6 million (2021: £34.3 million) and net funds were £29.5 million (2021: £19.0 million). The Group’s term loan, which expires in 2026, was £14.2 million (2021: £15.4 million). In addition to the term loan, in December 2021, a £25 million Revolving Credit Facility (“RCF”) was arranged. As a result, the Group has significant existing cash resources and available facilities to continue its strategy, such that at 28 February 2023, following the completion of the TPG acquisition, Group cash was £33.4 million and net funds were £19.3 million and the RCF remained undrawn.

R&D Consultancy

The R&D Consultancy business provides science-led advisory and product/technology development services. The division combines science and engineering capabilities with expertise in key vertical sectors, namely: Medical; Consumer; Food & Beverage; and Industrial, Chemicals & Energy (‘ICE’).

For the year ended 31 December 2022, the R&D Consultancy division generated revenue of £38.7 million (2021: £34.3 million). A significant proportion of revenue in the R&D Consultancy business is invoiced in US dollars but the cost base is predominantly in Sterling. As a result, the business benefitted from the favourable US Dollar:Sterling rate during 2022. In view of the currency volatility, a hedging instrument to cap the rate at US$1.20:£1 for $1.25 million per month was taken out to the end of 2023. There is no obligation to sell at this rate and the instrument is designed to protect against the strengthening of Sterling or weakening of the US Dollar.

Regulatory & Compliance

The Regulatory & Compliance business provides scientific and regulatory advice together with registration and compliance services for the Chemicals, Consumer, Food & Beverage and Medical sectors. The division comprises the European and North American operations of TSG Consulting, together with Leatherhead Food Research.

For the year ended 31 December 2022, the Regulatory & Compliance division generated revenue of £22.0 million (2021: £21.4 million). Of this revenue around 27% is of a recurring nature, primarily within the Food & Beverage sector and the North American registration renewals activities. While the North American business had a tough comparator, having benefitted from increased regulatory applications being sought during the pandemic, the European business made progress, signing strategic contracts with global agri-chemicals businesses, providing an improved platform for the year ahead.

Frontier Smart Technologies

Frontier Smart Technologies (‘Frontier’) is the market leader in DAB/DAB+/SmartRadio and connected audio technology chips and modules.

The Frontier business reported revenue of £25.0 million (2021: £24.9 million) and an adjusted operating profit margin of 15% (2021: 21%). The business started the year supply-constrained, however, as the global economic environment deteriorated, demand for consumer electronics reduced significantly in the second half of the year. Independent market data showed a decline of 16% in Q3 2022, directly impacting the Frontier business. In view of the current economic environment, it is not anticipated that demand for consumer electronics will recover until H2 2023.

Freehold Properties

Science Group owns two freehold properties, Harston Mill near Cambridge and Great Burgh in Epsom, which host the Group’s operations. The last independent valuation in March 2021 indicated an aggregate value of these properties in the range of £21.0 million to £35.0 million. The properties are held on the balance sheet on a cost basis at £20.8 million (2021: £21.0 million).

The Group charges market rents to the operating businesses and lets out part of the Harston site to third parties. For the year ended 31 December 2022, the rental and associated services income derived from this activity was £4.1 million (2021: £3.6 million), of which £0.7 million (2021: £0.6 million) was generated from third party tenants. Intra-group rental charges are eliminated on Group consolidation.

Acquisition of TP Group plc

Science Group acquired a strategic shareholding in TPG in 2021, resulting in the appointment of two directors onto the TPG Board, as Executive Chairman and Chair of Audit Committee. Following the renegotiation of onerous contracts (which came to light after the strategic investment was made) and the disposal of non-core operations, Science Group completed the acquisition of TPG on 26 January 2023. The acquisition was effected by a court-approved Scheme of Arrangement. Including the share purchases in 2021, the professional fees incurred and restructuring costs, the aggregate investment in TPG is approximately £30 million. In 2022, TPG was accounted for as an associate and the Group results include £0.6 million being the estimated share of TPG profit related to the Science Group shareholding during the year.

TPG is a UK-based Defence and Aerospace business comprising TPG Services (including Osprey), which is a specialist consultancy providing technical expertise, and TPG Maritime, which is in the process of being rebranded, and is a leading provider of atmosphere-management systems for submarines. The non-core businesses of Sapienza and Northstar were disposed of in the course of 2022 and the disposal of Westek was completed in February 2023. As a result of the TPG acquisition, approximately 290 employees joined Science Group.


The corporate function is responsible for the strategic development of Science Group. Corporate costs were £3.2 million (2021: £4.4 million). This includes the TPG acquisition-related costs (legal and advisory) but is offset by the share of the TPG profit resulting from its being accounted for as an associate, which is reported as corporate in segmental reporting.

During the year, the Company repurchased 323,453 shares at a total cost of £1.3 million, equivalent to an average price of 408 pence per share (2021: £0.6 million). At 31 December 2022, shares in issue (excluding treasury shares held of 0.7 million) were 45.4 million (2021: 45.7 million excluding treasury shares held of 0.5 million). The Board is recommending maintaining the dividend at 5.0 pence per share (2021: 5.0 pence per share). Subject to shareholder approval at the Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’), the dividend will be payable on 16 June 2023 to shareholders on the register at the close of business on 19 May 2023.

Summary and Outlook

In summary, Science Group has reported another solid performance in 2022. This resilience has been achieved against the backdrop of geopolitical instability, substantial energy (and other) cost increases and an economic downturn. Whilst inflationary pressures appear to be easing, the economic environment remains unpredictable, compounded by the recent instability in the banking sector undermining market confidence in a near-term recovery. Such a climate inevitably produces uncertainty. The Board anticipates this fragile environment to continue through the first half of 2023 and is therefore cautious in its outlook and prudent in its decision-making.

The acquisition of TPG, funded through Science Group’s organic operating cash flow, adds significant scale to the Group and provides a strategic entry into the defence sector, a market anticipated to be less affected by short-term economic volatility. The integration of TPG is proceeding rapidly, benefitting from the period of active management of the strategic investment prior to the acquisition.

The Group’s strong balance sheet, with significant cash resources, unused debt facilities and freehold property assets, provides a robust foundation for the enlarged Group while also enabling the Board to pursue further corporate opportunities should they arise.

Martyn Ratcliffe

Executive Chair



Finance Director’s Report

Overview of Results

In the year ended 31 December 2022, the Group generated revenue of £86.3 million (2021: £81.2 million). Revenue from the services operating businesses, that is revenue derived from consultancy services and materials recharged on these projects, increased to £60.7 million (2021: £55.7 million) while product revenue generated by Frontier was £25.0 million (2021: £24.9 million). Revenue generated by freehold properties, comprising property and associated services income derived from space let to third parties in the Harston Mill facility, was £0.7 million (2021: £0.6 million).

Adjusted operating profit for the Group increased to £17.6 million (2021: £16.3 million). The Group’s statutory operating profit of £11.7 million (2021: £11.6 million) includes the amortisation of acquisition related intangible assets (£3.8 million), share-based payment charges (£1.6 million), a share of the estimated profit of associate investment, TP Group plc, of £0.6 million, and associated acquisition costs of TP Group plc of £1.1 million. The statutory profit before tax was £11.1 million (2021: £10.9 million). After net finance costs of £0.6 million (2021: £0.7 million) and a tax charge of £0.5 million (2021: £1.4 million), statutory profit after tax was £10.6 million (2021: £9.6 million). Statutory basic earnings per share (‘EPS’) was 23.2 pence (2021: 22.4 pence).

Adjusted operating profit is an alternative profit measure that is calculated as operating profit excluding acquisition integration costs, amortisation of acquisition related intangible assets, share-based payment charges, and other specified items that meet the criteria to be adjusted. Refer to the notes to the financial statements for further information on this and other alternative performance measures.

TP Group plc

The Group made further on-market purchases of shares in TP Group plc (‘TPG’) during 2022, increasing its holding from 28.0% to 29.2% at 31 December 2021. Throughout 2022, the Group accounted for its shareholding in TPG as an associate under the equity accounting method. On 31 October 2022, the Group made an offer to acquire the remainder of TPG shares at a price of 2.25 pence per share, to be effected through a court-approved Scheme of Arrangement. This acquisition completed subsequent to the year end, on 26 January 2023, at which point TPG became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group.

TPG has not released its results for the period ended 31 December 2022. A share of associate profit after tax of £0.6 million has been included within the Science Group Income Statement, which is an estimate based on expected final TPG financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2022, proportionate to the Group’s associate shareholding.

In December 2021, the Group made available a standby revolving credit facility to TPG. The facility is for a maximum of £5.0 million for the period from the date of signing until 30 September 2023. The facility, which incurs an interest rate of 1% per month on sums drawn or 0.4% per month on undrawn amounts, was used for short periods in 2022 to provide liquidity to TPG however was undrawn at 31 December 2022.

Foreign Exchange

A considerable proportion of the Group’s revenue is denominated in currencies other than Sterling. Changes in exchange rates can have a significant influence on the Group’s financial performance. In 2022, £54.7 million of the Group’s operating business revenue was denominated in US Dollars (2021: £50.2 million), including all of Frontier’s revenue. In addition, £2.7 million of the Group operating business revenue was denominated in Euros (2021: £3.1 million). The average exchange rates during 2022 were US$1.24/£1 and €1.18/£1 (2021: US$1.37/£1 and €1.16/£1).

During 2022, in order to provide greater forward visibility around foreign exchange, the Group acquired a currency exchange instrument to cap the US Dollar:Sterling rate in relation to the R&D Consultancy division through to the end of 2023. Initially the US Dollar:Sterling cap was set at $1.30/£1, but in October 2023 the Group took advantage of the low exchange rates to improve the cap to $1.20/£1. The instrument, which applies to US$1.25 million per month, still enables the business to benefit from lower exchange rates, should such rates apply.


The tax charge for the year was £0.5 million (2021: £1.4 million). The underlying tax charge on the profits generated by the operating businesses has been partially offset through brought forward Frontier losses and a Research and Development tax credit of £0.5 million (2021: £0.3 million). Science Group recognises R&D tax credits within tax reporting, not as a credit against operating costs.

At 31 December 2022, Science Group had £26.7 million (2021: £27.8 million) of tax losses of which £17.1 million (2021: £17.6 million) related to trading losses in Frontier. Of the Frontier losses, £8.7 million (2021: £10.0 million) is recognised as a deferred tax asset which is anticipated to be used to offset future taxable profits. The balance of £8.4 million (2021: £7.6 million) has not been recognised as a deferred tax asset due to the uncertainty in the timing or feasibility of utilisation of these losses. Aside from Frontier, the Group has other tax losses of £9.6 million (2021: £10.2 million) unrecognised as a deferred tax asset due to the low probability that these losses will be utilised.

Financing and Cash

Cash flow from operating activities (excluding Client Registration Funds) was £15.3 million (2021: £13.2 million). As there was minimal movement on the Client Registration Funds in the year, reported cash from operating activities in accordance with IFRS was also £15.3 million (2021: £14.0 million). The alternative performance measure, by excluding Client Registration Funds, reflects the Group’s available cash position and cash flow.

The Group repatriates cash from overseas accounts on at least a weekly basis and policy is to spread Group cash held across UK Tier 1 banks.
The Group’s term loan with Lloyds Bank plc, secured on the Group’s freehold properties, is a 10-year fixed term loan expiring in 2026. Phased interest rate swaps hedge the loan resulting in a fixed effective interest rate of 3.5%, comprising a margin over the Sterling Overnight Index Average (‘SONIA’), the cost of the loan arrangement fee and the cost of the swap instruments. The Group has adopted hedge accounting for the interest rate swaps related to the bank loan under IFRS 9 Financial Instruments, and the gain on change in fair value of the interest rate swaps was £1,287,000 (2021: gain of £763,000) which was recognised in Other Comprehensive Income.

In December 2021, in addition to the term loan, the Group signed a revolving credit facility (‘RCF’) with Lloyds Bank plc in order to provide additional capital resources to enable the execution of the Group’s acquisition strategy. The RCF is for up to £25.0 million, with an additional £5.0 million accordion option, for a term of four years with a possible one year extension. The margin on drawn sums is 3.3% per annum over SONIA and is 1.1% per annum on undrawn amounts. Drawn amounts are secured on the Group’s assets by debentures. At 31 December 2022, the RCF remained undrawn.

The RCF has two financial covenants with which the Group needs to comply if the facility is drawn: (i) the Group’s net leverage, as defined as the net debt divided by the rolling 12 month EBITDA, should not exceed 2.5; and (ii) the Group’s interest cover, as defined as the rolling 12 month EBITDA divided by the rolling interest payments on all borrowings, should not be less than 4.0. Reporting is on a 6 monthly basis unless the net leverage exceeds 2, in which case reporting moves to quarterly until net leverage returns to below 2 again. For the term of the RCF, the previous covenants for the term loan are superseded by the covenants of the RCF and will not apply.

The Group cash balance (excluding Client Registration Funds) at 31 December 2022 was £43.6 million (2021: £34.3 million) and net funds were £29.5 million (2021: £19.0 million). Client Registration Funds of £2.9 million (2021: £2.9 million) were held at the year end. Working capital management during the year continued to be a focus with debtor days of 43 days at 31 December 2022 (2021: 31 days). A higher level of inventory was held at the year end to mitigate uncertainty in forward supply, resulting in inventory days increasing to 197 days at 31 December 2022 (2021: 76 days).

Share Capital

At 31 December 2022, the Company had 45,436,823 ordinary shares in issue (2021: 45,720,276) and the Company held an additional 749,051 shares in treasury (2021: 465,598). Of the ordinary shares in issue, 34,800 shares (2021: 104,400) are held by the Frontier Employee Benefit Trust. The total number of voting rights in the Company at 31 December 2022 was 45,402,023 (2021: 45,615,876). In this report, all references to measures relative to the number of shares in issue exclude shares held in treasury unless explicitly stated to the contrary.

Jon Brett

Finance Director


About Science Group

Science Group is a science & technology business providing consultancy and systems to an international client base. The Group comprises five operating divisions, supported by a strong balance sheet including significant cash resources and freehold property assets.